Simple Truths of Service

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Location, Location, Location

Do you have the Lorene's Chili Relleno craving? No worry, fly in, walk over or catch a ride from the airport or one of us.

The other day Lorene was telling me that she had two tables of guests that had flown into our Hutchinson County Airport in order to eat at her restaurant. It seems that when some people get that Chili Relleno craving they'll figure out how to get here, one way or another. I had not before considered the advantage of being walking distance to our county airport.

Lorene's Mexican Kitchen, Formerly the Village Restaurant
Lorene's Facebook page is maintained by my Sister, 
Ms Shelia Melton who also manages the front of the house.
The kitchen is managed by my brothers:
 Max and Scotti Richardson.
Scotti's Wife, Michelle, helps mostly at mid day.
Mother, "Lorene" is now 85 years old and generally supervises/works lunches and helps Shelia if and when she needs it. I love just dropping by when they are busy and seeing if I can help out or at least say "Howdy" to some customers.
Lorene has 3 daughters, Patti, Shelia, and Suzi (me) and 3 sons, Max, Shane (now deceased) and Scotti.

Now, if you happen to want to stay overnight, give the Borger Ambassador Inn a call (my favorite American Inn in Borger). They offer very nice rates for guests from the Hutchinson County Airport. The airport may have a loaner/crew car available for your use.

So, there it is, or here we are. Enjoy our Texas Hospitality created by businesses supporting businesses to provide the best in customer service.