Simple Truths of Service

Friday, March 15, 2013

An AmeriCAN, Working With an Inn located in America


I am an American living in Borger, TX. One person in a small, all American city, in a great big universe. I call attention to the fact that I am American, (A Mer I Can)solely because I can. It is still a free country. AmeriCAN. No one owns a copyright to this precious term that describes so many of us.

However, I want to make it clear that I enjoy meeting folks of all nationalities, races, cultures, religions and gender. We are blessed at the BAI to have the friendliest and most well behaved guests I have met anywhere. ...Yes, I have worked a few other places, and I have quite a bit of hospitality experience. It's just that I have a "thing" about any entity thinking they can copyright terms such as American and Inn. It just doesn't work that way.

In yesterday's post at , I discussed my "Loving Myself" day off. (If you don't understand the concept join me at post
ended with a solo walk in the canyons, returning totally amazed by the insight that an hour alone in the canyons can bring.

Covered in dust, I headed to the nearby Borger Ambassador Inn (BAI) , also an American Inn, because, well--it is an inn located in AMERICA.

I am currently blessed to be a Secret Agent at the BAI, so, I have privileges:-). To complete my "Love Myself" day, I showered, in the nice, large pool shower/restroom, heated the sauna, swam several laps in pleasantly heated indoor pool, soothed my well exercised body (Rebounding, 3 mile walk--Leslie Sansone, Canyon walk, and swim) in the Hot tub, then relaxed/meditated (and mediated with myself) in the sauna. 

See Borger Ambassador Inn Tripadvisor Reviews . It is pleasant working with an award winning inn planted in Borger, TX., Hutchinson County, the United States of America.